"I am human, only because you are human."
African Proverb/Allan Boesak

What does a coach do?

A coach’s job is “…to help [people] articulate their dreams, desires and aspirations, help them clarify their mission, purpose and goals, and help them achieve that outcome…." (Whitworth et al 1998). If you want to develop your skills, meet a particular professional challenge, work towards a particular job or role, or to discern your what you should be doing or being, working with a coach like Alisdair may well be key to your success.

Why choose Alisdair as your coach?

Alisdair’s focus is on supporting your growth and development as a person, and in the roles and responsibilities you take on.  He has extensive experience as a leadership development expert and senior manager and when working with you he brings his long term experience working in a variety of organizations to bear. He believes that each and every one of us is creative and capable of learning and growing, and he holds his clients accountable for this growth. Your coaching work will be designed jointly and you can expect to work hard. All of the conversations you will have with Alisdair will be strictly confidential.  

He has taught and coached leaders at every level in organizations from board, through executive, to management and to contributors. Alisdair uses methodologies from and has studied Co-Active Coaching, Solution Focused Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Review and other models.  He is also a Myers Briggs Type Indicator practitioner. He uses these and other methodologies to support you and your work. He is passionate about coaching, and uses a coach himself to support his own discipline and practice.